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Liam’s Story

Liam sitting hugging his balck labrador Yoda

Liam is almost four years old, and is completely blind due to a rare genetic condition called Norrie disease. He had little confidence in exploring his environment until his family received Yoda, a black Labrador from the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Therapy Dog program, in late 2012.

Julie, Liam’s mother, describes Yoda as her ‘third toddler’, and says Liam and Yoda have forged a special bond, even inventing their own game, similar to hide and seek. Yoda will lick Liam and run off, and Liam will find him.

As a result of his friendship with Yoda, Liam’s confidence in his surroundings has increased dramatically. In just over six months, Liam has begun exploring many more places and experiencing different textures. He is expanding his knowledge of the world and growing in directions that might not have been possible without the help of his wonderful new canine companion.

The Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Therapy Dog program places carefully selected dogs with people who may be disadvantaged due to age, illness, disability or isolation. Each dog is trained to ensure it is temperamentally sound, and has good obedience and social skills.

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