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Luke's story

See Luke's incredible story

Luke Andrews is no ordinary fourteen year old. A talented musician and highly motivated student, Luke plays the trumpet in three bands, loves physics and hopes to one day become a scientist. He was also born blind.

Currently in Year 8 at high school, Luke has never let his lack of vision hold him back from having a normal, busy and exciting childhood.

Luke testing out new technology

Having learned how to use a white cane before he was two years old, Luke is now a confident traveller and an avid user of the Trekker Breeze navigation aid. He also uses a Miniguide and ‘echolocation’ for detecting nearby objects.

Luke uses a combination of all these skills to move about the busy school environment, including negotiating the crowded,bustling, and extremely noisy bus lines.

Luke cradling a dog

Luke uses braille at school, although he has started to use a computer more and more. Currently, he is saving up to buy a data logger, which can produce accessible reports.

When he’s not busy with schoolwork or playing the trumpet, drums, keyboard or ukulele, Luke makes time to share his inspirational story at events organised by the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children.

He also plays goalball, swims, and enjoys kayaking.