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Salma's story

Vision impaired since birth due to glaucoma and cataracts, Salma became legally blind when she was 14. She has problems with depth and distance perception, and finds it difficult to enter a dark room after being outdoors in the light.

It was at her school for children with vision impairment that Salma was first introduced to Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. She was trained to use various mobility aids and devices, in particular the long cane to find her way around school and for travel. While Salma’s mobility and confidence further grew when shewas paired with Guide Dog Clare in 2009, she discovered a new obstacle last year when she relocated her home.

“When I moved to Chester Hill, I began catching lots of buses which made me really anxious,” Salma explained.

“That’s when Guide Dogs introduced me to the Trekker Breeze. I got my confidence back straight away. It’s great because it tells you exactly where you are, which has made my daily activities like catching a bus to meet up with friends a lot easier.”

A Public Speaker for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, Salma uses the Trekker Breeze to travel safely to schools, clubs, seniors and other community groups where she talks about her experience with vision loss, and how having Clare has allowed her to maintain her independence.

With a love of travelling and exploring new places, Salma has found that she is using her Trekker Breeze a lot – together with Clare, of course!