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Children's Services

Getting around freely and confidently is just as important to children who have a vision impairment as it is for any other child. Guide Dogs NSW/ACT provides specialised Orientation & Mobility services for kids to ensure that safe and purposeful exploration of their world is achieved at important milestones in their development.

We deliver training programs that are tailored to each child's needs, age and skill level. The program grows with the child, starting with pre-cane skills with babies and infants, and progressing to independent travel around school grounds, between school and home, and to sport and work experiences as needed. 

Riley recieving vision loss services from his O&M specialist

Orientation & Mobility specialists work with everyone involved in the child's life to reinforce this training at home, pre-school, school and in the community.  When a child has complex needs we work with other early intervention specialists in a trans-disciplinary model so that the child benefits from having a range of health professionals who fully understand their needs. 

As advocates for people with a vision impairment, we can provide recommendations for environmental changes to school grounds and playgrounds, and advice on games and the tools needed to enable the child to fully develop their orientation and mobility potential.

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If you would like further information about our Children's Services, or would like to request an appointment with one of our O&M specialists, please either call us on 1800 484 333 or fill out an enquiry form.

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Group programs

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT runs a number of programs for small groups of school-aged children who are blind or vision impaired.

Sydney Kids

Sydney Kids banner

Here at Guide Dogs, we feel that it is really important for children with vision loss to experience and learn the skills needed to catch public transport. Our Sydney Kids program enables children between 6-12 years to practise their skills in a supervised environment.

This FREE holiday program is designed to enhance your child's independent travel skills in a fun and inclusive environment.

To register your child for the next program, please call us call us on 1800 484 333 or fill out an enquiry form.

Youth Program

The Guide Dogs Youth Program is designed to give high school students with all levels of vision impairment, unique experiences where they can continue take their independent travel and life skills to the next level.

The series of FREE events associated with the Program are held over the school holidays and give students the opportunity to design their own adventure.

To learn more about these events, please call us on 1800 484 333 or email youth [at]