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Daily living training

Barbara using a kettle in her kitchen

Vision loss can greatly affect an individual’s ability to carry out everyday living tasks.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT’s Orientation & Mobility (O&M) specialists and Occupational Therapists teach people with vision loss daily living skills to minimise the impact of their disability. Through these services we can help teach you innovative techniques to independently perform a wide range of daily living tasks such as making a cup of tea, handling money or using a mobile phone.

Training for family, friends and supporters

Our O&M specialists can also provide training to family members, friends and supporters of clients. The training content is adjusted to the needs of the supporter and will be relevant to the person they are caring for. Some typical examples of this may be educating family or staff about guiding techniques, or assistance in applying for pensions and carers allowances.

For a free home assessment, please contact us on 1800 484 333 or fill out an enquiry form.

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Preventing falls

The George Institute for Global Health and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT have teamed up to trial a simple home-based exercise program to improve physical function in older people with low vision and reduce their risk of having a debilitating fall.

Participants in the trial will work with Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Orientation & Mobility Specialists in their own home and may be given a program to improve balance and lower body strength. 

For more information about how you can participate in this trial, download the PDF iconPlaTFORM flyer or contact the PlaTFORM Project Manager, Kirsten Jakobsen at 02 8052 4379 or email platform [at]