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Low Vision Services

Are you finding it difficult to read, recognise faces or watch TV? If you're having trouble with these or other daily tasks due to poor vision, our Low Vision Services can assist you.

Our services focus on helping you to live safely and independently with low vision. We provide practical advice and aids that will help you in your daily life.

We have a large range of high quality low vision aids available for you to try out, many of which can be funded through existing government schemes. These include:

  • magnifiers
  • monoculars
  • lighting systems
  • and other devices such as CCTVs to help with reading.

By using Guide Dogs' Low Vision Services, you have the opportunity to reduce the impact of your vision loss and get back to doing those activities which you really enjoy.

Here's how our Low Vision Services work

  1. We will initially provide you with a free assessment of your current level of vision.
  2. We then identify practical ways to enhance your vision through the use of low vision aids. These will help to improve your vision and make better use of it in everyday situations.
  3. Our Low vision specialists can then provide you with free training on how to use these aids.

Moses using a low vision aid to read a magazine article

Low Vision Clinics and Advisory Services

See our low vision clinics in Chatswood, Sydney CBD, Canberra, Newcastle, and regional areas.

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